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Former Employees

Graduate Student (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)

Karl Glatz

Karl Glatz was studying applied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten. He completed his Bachelor with an award. At the moment, he is enrolled for the master's degree in informatics and will complete it successfully during the Year 2012. As part of its activities for the Institute for Artificial Intelligence, he is also working on machine learning methods as well as the development of simulation environments.

Janos Knobloch

Janos Knoblauch was studying applied computer science at the University of Cooperative Education Stuttgart (Branch Horb) and received his degree as an B.Eng. Currently he is master student for informatics at the University for Applied Science Ravensburg-Weingarten. He is working in digital image processing and is also interested in machine learning.

Research Assistant

Martin Bertsche

Martin Bertsche studied Applied Computer Science at Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences. During this time he collected work experience at ATMvision AG, ifm electronic and at ifm syntron. He learned the basics of industrial image processing in Singen and extended his knowledge while his one-year student contract at ifm. He also wrote his BS thesis at ifm in the context of the extensibility of classically programmed systems by scripting languages. He had been working on 3-D object recognition until he graduated with an MS in Computer Science in August 2012.

Tobias Fromm

Tobias Fromm graduated from Ulm University of Applied Sciences with a BS in Computer Engineering. Afterwards, he received the MS degree with distinction in Computer Science for his studies at Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences and Utah State University (USA). His primary interests are in the field of image processing, especially in a robotic context, as well as building the bridge to machine learning. Since September 2012 he has been working as a PhD student at the Robotics Group of Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany).

Michel Tokic

Arne Usadel

Haitham Bou Ammar

Benjamin Reiner


Vien Ngo

Vien Anh Ngo finished his technical computer science studies at the Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam, with the B.Sc. afterwards, he made his doctorate in informatics at the Computer Science from Kyung Hee University in South Korea. Then he worked as an research Assistant at the National University of Singapore. His current research focuses is located in the field of robotics and machine learning

Master's Thesis

Yiting Wu

Tobias Bystricky

Jochen Kraushaar

Andreas Wilhelm

Bachelor's Thesis

Fernando Polieto Luque

Julian Hochstetter

Markus Nuber

Heiko Posenauer

Patrick Lehmann

Project Work

Florian Maucher

Gregor Franz

Marcel Golde

Tobias Herbinger

Dirk Honisch

Roman Konrad

Hamdi Oualid

Patrick Diesch

Patrick Seebörger

Nicky Gerstenberg

Maren Schillo

Steven Colbert

Marc Reschke

Van Thinh Le

Benjamin Merkle

Eugen Bopp

Remya Ramachandran

Tobias Hondorf

Denis Bopp

Arkadiusz Rawa

Stefan Gast

Patrick Seidl

Undergraduate Student

Christoph Ott

Christian Bieber

Tobias Gläser

Stefan Keller

Andy Stumpe

Christopher Weckerle

Norman Wildman

Karl-Heinz Zimmermann

Martin Vogel

Robin Lehmann

Sandro Koch

Markus Mauer

Ernst Glatz

Almin Causevic

Vladimir Zakharov

Denis Herdt

Other former Employees

Martin Binswanger

Mehmet Dogan

Alexander Fitterer

Tobias Holzer

Fahmi Ibrahim

Behnam Noarghassemi

Christian Folkers

Stoyan Georgiev

Olaf Gladis

Matthias Günther

Nico Hochgeschwender

Patrick Kraft

Benjamin Linkels

Markus Schips

Dimitri Wolf

Jörg Zinken