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University of Applied Science Ravensburg-Weingarten at the RoboCup

The RoboCup team led by Professor Dr. Wolfgang Ertel worked until four o'clock in the morning at the Robot Goalkeeper "Kunibert“. The tension is palpable, because for the first time the autonomous soccer robot takes part at the RoboCup German Open in Hannover.

Until the last second before the game, the team sitting in front of the screen, enter programming commands. The 12 by 16 meter playing field is fitted with eight teams and each team takes five to six robots. Small, wheel-driven robot race across the field, shooting passes through the air. The viewers are amazed, cameras clicking, and again applause and cheers are heard. Kuniberts program must be adapted to changing light conditions on the field, otherwise he can't see the red ball. Kick-off.

The nervousness is rising. The robots only slowly start moving. Kunibert has to analyze the movements of the ball very fast to react very quickly. A camera and a high-performance graphics card allow an evaluation of 30 frames per second.

Prof. Ertel began in late 2005 together with staff and students of the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten with the RoboCup project. The competition opens up opportunities for the scientists to gain experience and improve the functionality of their robots.

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