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TORCs for Scholars

TORCs simulation

Torcs for scholars is an auto race simulation, in which students program the controlls for race cars through a framework.
The package includes an editor in which starting and compiling the code can be done with one click. The package can be installed on Linux, but there is also a Virtual Machine (VM) which can be used with e.g. VirtualBox on Windows or Mac OS X.
So far, the framework is based on C++, but frameworks in other programming languages are possible because the simulation is informed by UDP packets about the actions of the agent. It is planned to create an introduction to artificial intelligence for scholars based on this simulation, as soon as a cooperating institution has been found (contact: ertel @ hs-weingarten.de).

The virtual machine can be downloaded here (User: torcs Password: torcs).

At the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten every two semesters events played with Strong Growth, between the agents of student teams. For the annual event at our faculty, there is also a wiki which explains how to install the simulation and students report about their experiences.

The video of the final race of the event Artificial Intelligence light in the summer semester of 2012 contributes to a first impression: